Emile Zola biography

Emile Zola – A Brief Biography (1840-1902)

Emile Zola. Étienne Carjat, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons Emile Zola was a French writer and journalist, who was a significant figure in the political liberalization of France and an important pioneer of the literary...

Aeschylus Essay

On Aeschylus: The Father of Tragedy

Aeschylus. Photo: Anderson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons The subject of this essay is a man whose influence on playwriting and theater is absolutely unparalleled. The plays we see today in theaters all stem from...

Anton Chekhov biography

Anton Chekhov – A Brief Biography (1860-1904)

Anton Chekhov. Brücke-Osteuropa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Anton Chekhov was a Russian short-story writer and playwright, who is regarded as one of the greatest writers of short fiction ever. Chekhov, along with Henrik...