Electricity poem
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My arm brushed lightly across your shoulder. I could feel the electricity building up both in you and me, pulsating from my heart right to my fingertips. All I wanted to do was close in on that gap between us and feel the energy build up once again. An energy that made me feel so alive. An energy that froze everything for a moment. An energy that made me feel so light that I felt I could float away.

I somehow felt connected to you despite the space in between us.
I could feel the neurons in my brain firing away and creating multiple new pathways just to make room for you.
I wanted to close in on you physically and at the same time make room for you mentally.

All of this, I felt in just one moment.

I wondered what else could you make me feel in the tens of millions of seconds I was planning to spend with you in the future.

– V.V.J

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