Someone in a costume
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Someone In a Costume

You looked like an Angel
So elegant and graceful,
You were your own woman
Until I came in.

Took one look at you,
Made you unstable
Cause I could see right through you,
And your colorful pages.

And so we did our dance,
Back and forth, we began
You shut down all your doors
And boarded all your windows.

Took me quite a while,
To find the right key
But I finally was in,
An unwanted guest you see.

You had a hundred different rooms
But not a single one for me.
Cause your heart was slowly drowning,
Out in the open sea.

Yes you looked like an Angel,
And probably lived like one too
But all you really were,
Was someone in a costume.

- v.v.j

Spotify link – Vinay Vincent

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  1. Sweetsy Joseph says:

    Wow!! Brilliant and thought provoking poem 👏👏👏