The ground floor poem
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The Ground Floor

We lived on each floor,
Starting with the first
It was a great new adventure,
For life we had that thirst.

Then moved onto the second
An upgrade from the dust
We called it happiness,
And tried on through the worst.

After a while came the third,
Oh wow, we felt like birds
Soaring above the common folk
Looking down on them as we joked.

Now we were on the fourth,
So cut off from down below
All we wanted to do,
Was reach the forty-fourth.

Five, Six and Seven,
Things couldn't have been more common
We drifted through life,
Walking around with closed eyes.

Eight and Nine,
We were tired of this fight,
Had the view all right,
But somewhere along, we lost the light.

And then came Ten,
It was strange because right then,
All we could do,
Was think about our descent.

So there we go,
Oh right we had one more,
Where they buried us
We call that the "ground floor".


Spotify link – Vinay Vincent